Be Aware of the Dangers of HCG

If you are concurrent with the happenings in the weight loss industry, then you must have heard of or even tried the new HCG diet. This dieting strategy is much talked about as it promises immediate weight loss with minimal or no adverse reactions. This diet is based on the HCG hormone secreted by the placenta of pregnant woman. This hormone is extracted and transformed into easy to take injection or drops.
However, there are many concerns and apprehensions over the safety and reliability of this dieting and weight loss method. As it has been proved time and again by the failure of many a fad diet, there is definitely no short cut weight loss method. If you want to reduce weight instantly and are thinking of trying out the hcg diet that is fast gaining in popularity, then be sure to check out information on the dangers of hcg before reaching out for it.
All about HCG diet protocol
During the initial months of pregnancy, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG hormone is secreted in good amounts. Urine samples of pregnant women are the source of this hormone that is extracted and changed into the oral HCG pills or the HCG diet injections.
Though HCG is associated with several bodily functions, one of the most significant and specific role involves providing nourishment for the fetus even if the mother does not take in enough food. Medically, HCG hormone is used to treat delay in development of genitals in teen boys. According to those who promote the HCG diet protocol, this diet regime helps lose at least one pound a day and also provide long term results. There are many reports however, published against reaching out for the HCG diet keeping in mind the dangers of hcg and its effects and implications on both men and women.
Dangers faced by men following HCG diet
hcg dietAs you start taking the HCG injections or HCG pills, there are a few prerequisites you are expected to follow diligently. It is important to take the HCG dosage in keeping with your dieting program and you must also eat lesser amount of food. As HCG provides enough calories, dieters will not experience hunger pangs even with lesser intake of food according to HCG diet supporters.
HCG is a hormone secreted and extracted from women. It therefore goes without saying that when used by men, it tends to cause adverse reactions.

As compared to women, men tend to eat lot more calories on a daily basis. After shifting over to a very low calorie diet, the recommended usually being around 500 calories per day, men start experiencing lightheadedness, weakness and a strong craving for food almost as soon as they start their HCG diet. After men start their HCG diet, the first manifested symptoms include restlessness, headache, irritability and extreme fatigue. Men who are on HCG injections, side effects in clued skin related issues such as blood clots, occasional bleeding, infection, soreness, rashes and redness at the injection site.

Some men who started on the HCG diet protocol experienced unusual signs that are quite similar to those experienced by pregnant women. Dangers of hcg in men include emotional feelings and mood swings, water retention and nausea.Dangers of hcg in men also include hair loss.

This has been observed in quite a few dieters and it is evident that hair thinning occurs in men who start on HCG diet and are exposed to the hormone.Men who take in overdose of this hormone also experience symptoms such as enlargement of prostrate and breast lining swelling. If you experience any of the above symptoms, it is imperative to immediately seek medical attention.

Women too should beware of any such fad diet that promises instant weight loss. We all know that weight loss spread over a longer period of time following a nutritious balanced diet and regular exercise regimes is the best method. This kind of weight loss is permanent and comes with no side effects.
It is important to keep in mind the dangers of hcg diet that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. No clinical reports prove that this diet protocol is a reliable weight loss means. No proof exists on whether HCG hormone is good enough to reduce low calorie consumption’s negative effects and to suppress appetite. Before you reach out for the HCG diet protocol, be sure to consult your doctor on possible dangers of hcg and whether your body is suitable enough for this specific diet.

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