Does Fasting Help You To Lose Weight Fast?

Yes, to some extent. But the way fasting affects our body is not as simple as it looks. There are people who say fasting one day a week is advisable as it helps in detoxification of body and helps in weight loss. There is another big bunch of people who oppose fasting as a good way of losing weight. Let’s see how fasting affects out body before we come to any conclusion.

fastingweightloss Normally, fasting means not taking any solid food for 24 hours. That means one has to be on water and fruit juices or liquid food for a full day. Some diet plans suggest continuous fasting for 2-4 days, while some suggest fasting a day a week.

Can fasting result in weight loss?

When you starve your body, it will start to burn up the fat cells (stored calories) in your body so that they can be used for energy. Some people swear by this method, because it can help you lose weight, and detoxify your body.

Adverse effects of fasting

But when done extensively, fasting can have very dangerous effects on your body. Fasting continuously leads to loss of lean muscle mass, which will make you gain weight in future by decreasing your normal metabolic rate.

Another much discussed side effect is, putting body into starvation mode would make your body conserve energy for future as it doesn’t know whether it is starving for weight loss or starving because there is no food available. This would make it burn less calories by decreasing metabolic rate. This will increase fatigue and might break you down.

Both the above result in metabolic rate disorders and a unhealthy weak body.

Better avoid Fasting to lose weight.

Fasting for one day in a month might not cause the above side effects. But better avoid fasting to lose weight. If you decide to fast to lose weight quickly consult your doctor before you start. One branch of medicine – Ayurveda – in fact suggests continuous fasting under its body cleansing weight loss programs which are done under strict supervisions.

Taking appetite suppressing diet supplements in huge dosages also lead to the effects of fasting. So be cautious while taking such supplements and make sure to be on a healthy diet while on appetite suppressing supplements.

Fasting can aid weight loss, but it is not a safe method to lose extra pounds fast. Interestingly, the opposite, eating more often say 4-6 times a day can result in safe weight loss very fast when some dieting principles are followed.

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