Dr. Simeons Original HCG Diet Plan

Dr.Simeons Original HCG diet plan was conceptualized in the year 1950 after an extensive research. HCG diet plan is the combination of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and Very Low Calorie Diet that mainly targets the abnormal fat banks resting on your abdomen, hips, thighs, chin and belly without affecting your normal or structural fat. HCG diet protocol consists of three phases (Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization) that should be strictly followed for reducing weight.

Dr. Simeons’ book Pounds and Inches is the basis of this program, which is also referred as the last diet. In order to gain maximum benefits from this effective weight loss program, dieters should understand the protocol correctly. Only food and drinks mentioned in the book are allowed during HCG Diet Plan. Alcohol consumption and cheating is totally prohibited.

Pros And Cons Of HCG Protocol

HCG protocol not only burns fat banks but also refurbishes your eating habits by resetting your Hypothalamus gland. HCG dieters never feel hungry or weak because excess 1500-4000 calories are released in your body from the burnt abnormal fat.

HCG diet plan is a permanent weight loss plan however it is advisable to avoid heavy workouts such as lifting weights, running etc. during the diet plan. Dieters can however take up light exercises like brisk walking, Yoga and meditation.

HCG diet plan also requires discipline and dedication. Dieters should sleep well, drink lots of water and add fibers in their diet for burning fat banks without facing a plateau.

Non-Homeopathic HCG drops are touted to be the best form of HCG. These drops are manufactured in FDA labs after a series of rigorous dilution. Non-Homeopathic drops (pure HCG Drops) are completely free from side effects and never interfere with any medication. These drops come with calibrated dropper for easy usage. Some reputed companies also provide free ebooks, HCG kits, Pounds and Inches, weight tracker, cookbook, online support etc. with every purchase. There are no side effects associated with Homeopathic HCG diet drops.

Facts About HCG Treatment

HCG treatments do not works when potential users cheat on their diet. According to Dr. Simeons’ HCG weight loss theory, a user must take 500 calorie diet and 10 to 15 and HCG hormone three times a day, everyday. It is also said that, obese people who want to lose 40 lbs and more from their body should undergo 44 days of vlcd and hormonal dosage. This will melt abnormal fat banks in a most healthy and safer way. But, people might not get the desired result due to various reasons;

  • Cheating on HCG diet which is the combination of 500 calorie meal and 10 to 15 sub lingual drops of the hormone.
  • Intake of sugar and starch during protocol days.
  • Over-dosage of the diet drops.
  • Improper administration of the hormone in the body.
  • Shortage of water in the body.
  • Inadequate sleep.

Facts about HCG Drops For Weight Loss

  • HCG drops acts faster as they dissolves faster in the blood stream. Shots and pills take time to get absorbed.
  • 10 to 15 homeopathic sublingual drops of this hormone should be taken 30 minutes after a very low calorie diet.
  • The drops do not have any side effects in the body such as pain and muscle cramps.
  • Less expensive more effective in compared to injections and pills.
  • Simple and hassle free administration under the tongue.
  • Can be purchased without prescription in drug stores.
  • Obese people can order HCG kit through online.
  • Pre-mixed and can be self-administered.

HCG diet drops can be shipped to all the major cities across the globe which includes United States, Australia, United Kingdom and major countries in Europe and Asia. The weight loss drops will be delivered at your residence within next 5-7 business days.

Food Choices During HCG Diet

HCG diet for weight loss is an effortless way to shed extra fat. Many fat loss programs are based on strenuous workout and starving diet that do little good for your body. They break your essential normal and structural fat resulting imbalance and unhealthy elimination of body weight.

HCG is not like a traditional diet plan as it focuses on abnormal fat banks and proper hormonal dosage. The food choices during HCG diet matters a lot. You should be taking a very low calorie diet throughout 42 days in entire 44 days, as there are 2 days of loading high calorie food.

  • Fresh and raw vegetables are good. Don’t mix vegetables and fruits.
  • Grilled chicken, shrimps, steak and white fish are recommended at a very small amount.
  • Salads and fruit juices should be taken once in a whole day.
  • Green tea, herbal tea, coffee without sugar can be taken.

Tips To Prevent Hunger Pangs on HCG Diet

  • Everyday consumption of 10 to 15 HCG homeopathic drops 30 minutes after vlcd, three times a day will ease hunger pangs.
  • Drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Plateau breaker or intake of 6 apples a day for regularizing fat loss will satisfy the hunger urge.

HCG homeopathic sublingual drops are normally taken under the tongue. In less than 5 minutes, they get absorbed in the blood stream and starts burning fats into calories. 10 to 48 drops and 500 calorie diet everyday can give you a toned body. Moreover, the hassle free and easy administration of the drops under the tongue has no side effects, like pain and cramps like the HCG shots. Dieters can order the diet drops online and over the counter from pharmacies.

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