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HCG Diet Direct – Average Quality Homeopathic Drops

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4 stars
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Price: 199.99

HCG diet direct is once again another homeopathic solution, and as such, their drops will not contain much of any HCG. Not enough to be effective anyway. We are reviewing them here because their drops are quite popular with some people. They contain some HCG, but it's in very minute dosages. Compared to HCG Plus they have about 1,000,000 times less HCG per bottle

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HCG Diet Direct Drops


HCG diet direct drops are homeopathic.  This means that they contain only a very small amount of actual HCG.  However, they are indeed quite popular.  Many people have tried them, and the success has been somewhat poor across the board.  However, they do contain the HCG hormone, unlike so many “HCG alternatives”.  They are one of only about 4 or 5 drops left that contain real HCG, even if it is at a level which is not really useful.  They are pricey, but their customer service is quite good. People have had good experiences talking to their staff.

Last November they received a letter from the FDA detailing their violations and telling them to halt selling their homeopathic HCG product.  As a result customers should be careful about applying reviews before December 2011 to their decisions.  It is possible that their new formula may not even contain any HCG at all.

HCG diet direct – Reviews Breakdown

HCG Drops Direct2HCG diet direct is one of the oldest websites supplying HCG, and they offer a few different kits for their program.  Their prices range from $100-275 for a single regimen, but that’s still a lot cheaper than injections.  Their prices are in line with the industrial norm in the industry for homeopathic HCG.  They are no HCG plus, which contains the same clinical levels of HCG as received via injections, however, they do contain the hormone (about a billion times less HCG per bottle than in HCG Plus).

Reviews are overall moderate in enthusiasm for HCG diet direct, which puts them in a class above the rest of the homeopathic and “alternative” drops suppliers.  People have a positive experience with their customer service staff, and they are generally relatively quick shipping out orders.  Unfortunately, their prices and their lack of actual HCG severely hamstring their product line.  People should be careful about using their products, as they are indeed homeopathic, and they will be mostly alone on their diet.

What Exactly is Homeopathic HCG?

Homeopathic refers to the actual concentration of the supposedly chief ingredient.  If something is homeopathic, it means it contains so little of the ingredient as to be wholly inactive.  Generally in HCG this is a few picograms per entire bottle.  However, this is effectively useless for achieving real results.  Thousands of studies have been conducted on HCG drops and the program itself.  It’s been identified that between 150 to 200 IUs of HCG per day are necessary to achieve results.  When a very small amount was given, or a group had a placebo, they lost 4 times less total weight.

Homeopathic drops became a craze in 2010, with many retailers marking their drops as homeopathic to create a reason to call them HCG, which was growing in popularity.  Most of the original retailers did not even bother to include any HCG at all, but several suppliers did start to add a very small amount to make their labeling correct. However, the FDA stepped in and sent many companies a letter detailing their breaking of the rules by pretending to offer real HCG, but calling it homeopathic.  HCG diet direct was one of the ones that received the letter from the FDA regarding their violations.  As a result, we are not sure if the reviews from before last November are still an accurate gauge of this company and their drops.  What what we understand, they may have modified their formula to not contain any HCG at all.

2 Comments/Reviews

  • Kathy says:
    1 stars

    I used this horrible company, and after not losing ANY WEIGHT with their drops, they refused to return my money.
    Buyer beware!

  • Margaret says:
    1 stars

    Tried it… and regret it
    I called them on the phone when I ordered and specifically asked if their drops were real HCG. They told me they were, however, once I got them it was obvious they weren’t.
    No weight loss after a week now on P2 and I called to ask for a refund. Kathy is right, there were NO refunds allowed. I’m shocked, I contacted my credit card company like you guys suggest.

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