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HCG Drops Direct – Hormone-Free Drops

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Dosage of HCG
2 stars
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2 stars
Customer Service
4 stars
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3 stars


Price: 129.00

HCG drops direct and their dietary drops do not contain any useful quantity of HCG. This is according to their own information available on their website. Their product is Hormone-free. However, they are one of the few authorized HCG providers in Canada (even if they do not contain HCG in the first place)

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HCG Drops Direct – Hormone-free


HCG drops direct is a small hormone-free HCG company.  They provide hormone free drops, which according to their own website, do not contain the HCG hormone.   According to their website, they are one of the few retailers in Canada authorized to sell their HCG product for weight loss.  Regardless, their product does not contain the hormone, so potential customers should keep that in mind.

Their customer service and general kindness has put them on our list at #3.  There’s an even larger gap between these guys and HCG Plus than #2, as these drops do not contain HCG at all.

HCG Drops Direct – Customer Reviews

HCG drops direct is not recommended because their product is HORMONE FREE

HCG drops direct small kitHCG drops direct is a small company providing quite pricey HCG drops, but their customer reviews are good. Some of their customers have lost a moderate amount of weight on the diet (they are effectively going it alone since these drops do not contain a useful amount of the HCG hormone). Their products are up there with the most expensive homeopathic drops we’ve come across.

HCG drops direct has mixed reviews about their actual product, most people seem to not have much success.  Their drops contain a very small amount of HCG (tests showed less than 1 molecule per mmL).  This low level of hcg will be completely useless and not produce results on its own.  However, beyond their actual product, their customer support staff is really quite good.  They have live chat regularly and you can place your order via phone most of the time customers tried to do so.

They market their drops as hormone-free, which means they’re useless for weight loss as part of the HCG diet.  HCG is a hormone, so if drops are hormone-free they are basically telling you “this will not work for most people”.  However, their customer service and authenticity on that side has put them into our comparison.


What Exactly is Hormone Free HCG?

One of the new things a lot of bogus HCG drops companies are doing is calling their products “hormone-free”.  This is effectively the same as saying “these drops contain no HCG“.  HCG is a hormone, and as such, if drops are hormone-free, this means they do not contain any HCG whatsoever.  These bogus drops are commonplace, and useless.  Only dosages of at least 150 IUs of HCG per day have been shown to be effective in producing the results seen in studies.

It’s true that these homeopathic and “hormone-free” suppliers are capitalizing off people’s ignorance, however, do these drops have any clinical basis? A recent study was conducted on these hormone free drops vs a placebo.  Between the groups, there was no appreciable difference in total weight loss.  People taking the placebo lost barely any weight, as did those on these hormone-free vitamin drops.  In neither case were these drops effective methods for losing weight.  Homeopathic and hormone-free drops are often used interchangeably, because the terms actually mean the same thing.  People should not purchase and use either one of these, as they present a grave risk to users.  They will not actually help people lose any weight alone, so the person is going on a 500 calorie per day diet without the aid of the HCG hormone.  This is definitely not advisable.

Though HCG drops direct offers good customer service, that does not make up for their completely bogus product.  There’s really no reason to consider this supplier at all, given that you can get better customer service from HCG Plus, but the drops you buy will actually be real.  There’s no real point in wasting time with these imitators at all.

3 Comments/Reviews

  • Michelle says:
    2 stars

    These drops are HORMONE FREE!!!
    I was shocked when I got my bottle and saw this. Their drops are really, really expensive and they don’t even contain any HCG!

    Their customer service is not as good as you guys are making it out to be. They effectively told me they don’t refund under any circumstances.

  • Caroline says:
    1 stars

    Tried these drops out on a recommendation of a friend. I didn’t realize until I checked the label that they were hormone free. I’m sooooo disappointed.

    I tried to return them, but they told me I couldn’t unless I sent in a journal or some garbage. I cannot believe I fell for it!

    Everyone knows hormone free stuff doesn’t work.

  • Becky says:
    5 stars

    I was actually really pleased with HCG Drops Direct. I had a great experience with their customer service rep. They answered all my questions and I lost almost 40 lbs.

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