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HCG Plus – The Web’s Only Real Non-Homeopathic HCG

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HCG Plus are the Web's Only Real, Non-Homeopathic HCG Drops. They have, by far, the highest concentration available anywhere. Their customer service is top notch, and they provide hands down the best value in HCG drops anywhere. Homeopathic HCG does not contain the actual HCG hormone. As a result, all of these "alternative" HCG drops out there simply do not work. Only HCG Plus offers real HCG.

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HCG Plus Drops – The Only Real HCG

The HCG diet program is the most powerful weight loss method in the world, but of course, it requires actual HCG to be effective.  HCG Plus are the only real hcg drops, currently available within the USA. Thousands of studies have clearly demonstrated the value and power of real HCG for weight loss. However, homeopathic and “alternatives” to the HCG diet simply do not work.  Studies have clearly shown that HCG is required for success, and not a small amount of HCG will do.  You need at least 150 IUs per day total.

So What is HCG Plus?

HCG Plus KitHCG Plus is, at present, the web’s only real, non-homeopathic pre-mixed HCG drops.  Unlike their competitors, they are still only supplying the best drops out there. These drops contain between 150-200 IUs of the hormone per day. Compared to even the most potent homeopathic drops, which often use imaginary concentration values like “12x, 20x, 24x” etc, HCG Plus contains literally billions of times more of the HCG hormone than these other drops. The drops are the same level of strength you would receive via injections, but available at a much lower price.

They sell 60 day, 120 day and 2 person extended kits at various price points, but you can start your 60 day program for as low as $61.99 when you visit them from our website!  Their prices are far lower than even their bogus homeopathic or “alternative” competitors, and they’ve been in business since 2009.  Compared to the other companies out there, HCG Plus drops are truly top notch.

We chose HCG Plus as our #1 HCG drops choice for one simple reason, their product really works!  In fact, they have had over 20,000 success stories from previous customers.  Their drops are the only real HCG you can find in premixed formats, and as a result, they are totally unique.

Real HCG vs Homeopathic HCG – What’s the Difference?

Many people are interested in HCG Plus because it is real, but what does real mean exactly? HCG Plus describes this on their website, however, their product really does contain HCG.  Homeopathic HCG, on the other hand, does not contain even the slightest amount of the hormone.  Homeopathic and “alternatives” to the HCG diet should give you pause before purchasing.  These products are totally bogus, and will not work.  You should avoid them whenever possible and only purchase the real thing from verified and true sources.  HCG must come from humans, and purified therein.  The HCG diet program also requires at least 150 IUs of HCG per day.

New customers often do not realize that there are only two valid ways to measure HCG.  Either in IUs (international units), which is used for liquid measurements, and milligrams, which is the dry powdered weight.  If you see a source for HCG that says “1x, 2x, 3x”, etc.  these values are actually completely made up, and do not correlate to any real measurements.  In fact, if you see the above on your bottle, or when you were searching around the web for your HCG, you should run!  It does not work and will be completely ineffective for you.  It will not prompt actual weight loss at all.

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  • Jennifer says:
    5 stars

    Yeah, HCG Plus is freaking awesome! I must say these guys are real HCG. So far, 25 lbs in my first regimen and still have 15 days to go before Phase 3!

  • Karen says:
    5 stars

    I talked with “Michael” on live chat before my order. They were really friendly.
    I was still skeptical though, but I wound up ordering a 60 day supply. I could not be happier with the decision! The first few days of phase 2 were a bit tough, but this stuff really helped me a lot I could tell.

    Fantastic product, truly. Couldn’t be happier with it.

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