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Rebekah’s Living – Low Quality Drops – No HCG Present

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Price: 142.31

Rebekah's Pure Living is Offering Large (and expensive) kits of their "homeopathically" formulated drops. These drops actually do not contain any HCG at all, however, they are homeopathic. We have tried to review all homeopathic drops left, as there are only a handful remaining. The vast majority of retailers have gone over to alternatives which are COMPLETELY ineffective.

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Rebekah’s Living “HCG” Drops


Rebekah’s Pure Living HCG drops are not a very old brand at all.  Their “homeopathically processed” drops are hormone-free, this means they do not contain any HCG.  We have decided to include them on this list because they have OK customer service, but also as an example of what to look out for with regards to bogus and useless HCG drops.

Rebekah’s Living “HCG” drops do not contain any HCG at all.  You can tell this simply by looking at their ingredients.  They contain alcohol, which will immediately destroy any HCG exposed to it.  Likewise, they do not list the actual ingredients in their drops at all.  This is a sure sign you’re looking at a bogus HCG drops retailer, and many such retailers share these same characteristics.  So keep your eyes pealed!

Rebekah’s Living – Analysis

Rebekah’s Living “HCG” drops are NOT RECOMMENDED as they contain NO HCG!

RebekahsRebekah’s Pure living drops are drops provided by a regional herbal supply store. Seemingly they entered this market with the sole ambition of shoring up some profit, however, their drops simply do not provide any HCG at all. Generally, you can tell this just by looking at the labels of the bottles. Their products are poorly put together, and generally weak in quality. Likewise, their dubious quality is reflected in their prices, which are sky high.

It’s always best practice to avoid anything that says “homeopathic” anywhere on the label, but in this case it’s doubly important.  These drops appear to be produced by the same garbage nutraceutical company responsible for many other run of the mill “hormone-free” drops.  You can tell this just by looking at the seals on the bottles themselves.  These white for your protection seals are commonplace on the truly terrible product lines coming out of Asia.  US made homeopathic drops will generally have clear seals around the tops, indicative of their US origins.

Though we cannot confirm the above with regards to Rebekah’s drops, it’s probably a safe bet.  Customer reviews are mixed, with many bending towards “poor” or “below average” regarding the quality of their hormone-free drops.  Customers are not satisfied with what they’re getting here, so if you see any similar drops around, do not think about purchasing them.  They are all likely coming from the same suspect source.

Does Hormone-Free HCG Contain HCG?

Oftentimes people ask us, just what does hormone-free mean? HCG is a glycoprotein hormone, and as such, hormone-free drops do not contain any HCG whatsoever.  This is true of all “hormone-free” drops.  You should avoid these things at all costs, otherwise you will fall victim to the same scams that homeopathic providers have been continuing for years.

To be effective, at least 150 IUs of HCG must be given each and every day.  These useless alternative solutions simply do not even get close to the results achieved with the actual hormone.  Generally, in almost all studies conducted on the HCG diet, groups that did not use the real hormone lost 4 times less total weight than the HCG groups.  It’s clear that the hormone is necessary for success, so these ‘alternatives’ that continue to be pawned off on unsuspecting customers just won’t cut it.

Hormone-free drops are just that, hormone-free.  So you can rest assured they will not contain the actual hormone HCG.  However, beyond this obvious fact, it’s clear that there’s more to worry about than poor results.  HCG Plus drops are already out there, already 100% real, and much cheaper than these “alternatives”.  So there really is no place in the marketplace for such imitators which do not even provide real results.  Real results only come from Real HCG at clinical dosages!

2 Comments/Reviews

  • Penny says:
    1 stars

    Absolutely terrible “HCG”. I’m not sure what’s even in these. The label looks like it was printed on a a computer from the early 90s.
    Luckily, I was able to return my order. So disappointed, I wish I had found this site earlier.

  • Patricia says:
    1 stars

    Bogus! I’m so livid right now at this company.

    I ordered their larger discounted supply for a friend and I, and we found out that the drops didn’t contain any HCG at all. We’re absolutely appalled by this. I have been trying to get our money back for 2 days now and no one is helping us!

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