What Does HCG Do To Make You Lose Weight?

The hcg diet is a program created by Dr. Simeons,  an international expert when it comes to weight control and obesity. The program he created has had immense consequences for many overweight people, helping them with their weight problems. The corner stone of the diet is a hormone that is naturally produced by women when they are pregnant, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  The reason for using HCG for weightless is that this hormone will trigger the hypothalamus in the brain to release all the fat that should not be stored in the body. It  is a normal phenomenon that people using this hormone in a small doses in combination with a low caloric eating plan will lose an average of 1  to 2 pounds a day during the course of their diet.
weight loss 8  The HCG hormone has literally helped hundreds and thousands of dieters who were struggling with that unwanted  weight and most of these people who finished the weight loss program experienced a number of positive side-effects like stabilizing blood sugar, lower blood pressure and obtaining  a healthier cholesterol level.
The Hypothalamus, Say What?

The hypothalamus is on of the vital parts of the brain in charge of the main functions of your body. Some  of it´s functions include regulating the heart beat, sleeping, breathing, digesting and the endocrine system. The endocrine system, in turn, is responsible for our metabolism and thus  our weight.

Can Everybody Benefit From HCG?

Years of amazing results with HCG make it is safe to say that a high percentage of people, both woman and man,  can benefit from using HCG in their weight loss plan. You must realize though that every person will respond in a different way, so results are personal.  The majority reports a half to two pounds of weight loss per day. That is not the only amazing news though; many also state that they were able  to keep off the weight when terminating the HCG weight loss program.

HCG injections or homeopathic drops with HCG?

There are many differences between injections and homeopathic drops and probably  one of the main reasons that cause people to choose to use homeopathic HCG drops is the cost and ease of use. HCG injections are obviously  much more expensive not to mention the extra costs of doctor appointments and the involvement of expensive weight loss clinics. On the other hand, homeopathic drops are safe to use and their effectiveness  has been demonstrated over the years without many of the negative side effects regular medication brings along.
Homeopathic HCG drops are easy to use. You just place  the recommended amount of drops in your mouth, directly under your tongue and you are done. This method will ensure direct absorption into the blood stream without having  to endure painful shots in your muscle tissue.

What Does HCG Do To Make You Lose Weight?

HCG basically tells your body to let go of abnormal fat that is stored in your body. What this means  is that your body will start releasing fat that is stored in all those difficult to lose areas, like the buttocks, belly, hips, arms and thighs.  The great thing is that the fat that you start losing will be released into the bloodstream in order to nourish your muscle cells, but all the fat that is not needed  will leave your body at an amazing speed.

Will Taking HCG Drops Be Enough to Lose Weight?

Eventhough HCG drops will be of huge help with your weight loss goals,  just using the drops will not be enough. You will have to follow a specific HCG diet. The hcg diet is a pretty  strict diet outlined by Dr. Simeons and consists of 500 calories per day. The combination of this specific diet and HCG drops has been tested by thousands of people and proved  to be extremely successful, making people lose up to 2 pounds a DAY. If you only start using HCG drops without following this diet, you will not see  any changes. However, you will need the HCG to ensure the fat being used for all the energy your body needs while being on a calorie-restricted  diet. So basically, they go hand in hand for absolute success.

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