Where Does The HCG Go In Your Body?

HCG diet, though a well heard of phenomenon, is also something most are confused about. Since HCG is synthesized from the HCG hormone, many are in two minds about how effective it is for weight loss purposes and how safe it is. You may also wonder about where does the HCG go in your body. HCG diet is truly a revolutionary method. It is something that can help you make a success out of your dieting attempts. But before getting into details of the HCG weight loss process, it is important to get to know about HCG itself more.
It is possible for you to know the answer to the question – where does the HCG go in your body – if you get to know what HCG is really about. HCG hormone is found in the human body. Specifically speaking, this hormone is found in pregnant women. This hormone is extracted from the human pituitary glands and is utilized for making the synthesized HCG powder. From this the HCG injections or drops are made, by mixing it with sterile water. So you can see, this HCG has completely natural origins.
As stated above, the HCG is synthesized from a natural human hormone. So, one it is administered into the body, it simply gets into the bloodstream and starts affecting the hunger instincts as well as metabolism of the body. When you take HCG injections, it gets directly into the blood.

So, the amount to be taken is less and it affects your body faster. When you take drops, on the other hand, the effect is a little slower. For proper fast effect, one has to take the drops in greater quantity – at least 10 to 12 drops. These drops are put below the tongue. Gradually it mixes with the saliva and is absorbed into the blood stream. So the answer to the question – where does the HCG go in your body – is the bloodstream. Via the blood, it reaches each and every organ of the body.
Now that you know where does the HCG go in your body, it would be helpful to know what it does on reaching there. As has been stated before, HCG plays the main role of bringing about quick and noticeable weight loss. With the help of HCG in their bloodstream, one gets the option of being able to diet successfully with minimum efforts. The effect of HCG in your body is twofold.

Firstly, HCG works as a hunger suppressant. By suppressing your hunger, the HCG prevents the body from going on a starvation mode. Due to this function, it becomes easier for you to cut back on calories and not overeat later. Also, since the body does not go on a starvation mode, it does not start storing extra fat out of panic. The second part of the HCG function involves enhancing the body’s metabolism. Think of someone who eats as much as he/she wants, and yet does not gain weight.

This mostly happens because the body has a high rate of metabolism and burns fat easily. A slow metabolism equals an extremely sluggish weight loss. Hence we see, with such amazing all around effects on the body’s appetite as well as metabolism, HCG becomes the ultimate weapon for substantial weight loss in the present times.
After getting detailed answers to where do the HCG go in your body and how it affects your weight loss, you now would want to know where you can avail the HCG from. HCG is a nonprescription weight loss solution. Hence you do not need to get a doctor’s prescription to buy it. HCG can be easily bought from the trusted online medical sites. Be it the injection or the drops, you can get it all conveniently on these sites.

The payment too can be made online and your packaged HCG will be delivered right at your doorstep. Just that, only opt for trusted sites which sell original HCG products and not cheap imitations of it. There is no dearth of scams around. So, make a wise and informed choice.